Jim Ekanem

I help teams solve design challenges like athletes

Co-Creative Design Thinking meets Effective Teamwork

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client company logos

Design Thinking Meets Cutting Edge Productivity

Creativity, Connection & impactful results

Co-creative Design Thinking Workshops

Design and refine new products, services & communities by blending co-creation with structured design thinking frameworks.

Teambuilding & Retrospection

Great teams win championships – And create successful products.
I help team members truly connect and make sure everyone in the room is seen and heard.

Productivity & Wellbeing

The days of tiring design sprints are over! Ideas thrive as soon as we start connecting and moving. I help you solve complex problems using innovative tools from high-performance sports and serious play for business.

Client Love & Testimonials

Bitvavo’s Annual Company Offsite (2024)

As a contributor at Mischief Makers, I am part of their global network of facilitators, ready to be brought on board for top notch workshops, programmes, trainings or specific client assignments

Jim Ekanem

An exciting journey

From Sevilla to Amsterdam

Jim Ekanem is a freelance Facilitator based in Amsterdam, dedicated to transforming design thinking & work environments through innovative and playful approaches to co-creation. With a focus on team engagement and wellbeing, Jim offers dynamic design services that simultaneously enhance productivity and foster healthier workplaces.

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